You Might Have Missed…03/09/19-03/16/19

In this week’s ‘You Might Have Missed’ we see the importance of experience as a trader, how marketing is vital for a new coin, and just how far reaching Bitcoin hacks have gone. Oh, and there’s a truly awful YouTube trailer that you won’t want to see…

Vehan’s Feeling the Bear Market

This week gave us a great insight into the fickle nature of the crypto trader, for whom patience doesn’t tend to be a virtue. Vehan Rajah was the mustachioed marvel who received some presumably unwanted (although going by the state of his Twitter account potentially unnoticed) attention when a pair of posts from last year were brought to light that encapsulated the attitude of many new to the space:


Six months on and it seems that Rajah’s luck isn’t improving any:

Poor Rajah. Let’s hope the bull market arrives soo so he can buy in at the top.

Litenode Arrives With a Bang

A recent addition to the altcoin space is Litenode, one of the many coins launched on a weekly basis that aims to do…something…anything…within the world of cryptocurrency. So, what is Litenode? I’ll let the team explain:

We are a group that we make this coin due we love mining, we avoid only POS coin….VERY BORED

You’re bored, huh? Great basis for starting a cryptocurrency. So what does the coin actually do?

what are the purpose of coin? MINING AND MINING!! we have plans but for now are secret.

Secret? Oh, boo. Can you at least tell me what’s on the roadmap, what exciting things you have up and coming?

all things are TO-DO:

– Explorer
– Web
– Maproad
– bla bla

Bla bla? Sounds technical, like something to do with Mimblewimble.

We are crazy and we make some diferent: help us to demostrate that we love make some diferent!

Yes, yes you are. Good luck, Litenode team. I think you’re going to need it.

Bitcoin Hacks Escalate

We all know about crypto hacks and how millions of dollars’ worth gets stolen every year, but it seems that the practice is spreading, and now even the postal service is complicit it Bitcoin thefts. Whatever next…

Meme Watch

This week’s meme watch takes in the impact of the bear market, being a veteran among children, and the meaning of Barts:

And Finally…

As a parting shot/insult, a trailer landed on YouTube this week which sees Kurt Russell star in Crypto, the first film to feature cryptocurrency in such a meaningful way. And what role does it play? Russians use it to launder money. Sigh…

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