Ripple Twitter Roasts Litecoin Summit Organizers in Intramural Trolling

An excessively popular YouTube videographer and XRP true believer took a moment to roast Litecoin and its creator, Charlie Lee, today.

Sam, host of the 27,000-subscriber-strong YouTube channel “To The Lifeboats,” which routinely boasts what the host views as the superior qualities of Ripple Labs and its various products,

Sam poked fun at a livestreamed event during the 2019 Litecoin Summit. The pseudonymous commentator is host of the 27,000-subscriber YouTube channel “To The Lifeboats.” He routinely boasts what he views as the superiority of Ripple‘s XRP.

Sam insinuates the Litecoin Foundation and everyone involved in the summit lack professionalism.

Packing Irony: Ripple Mafia Gets It Twisted

Sam’s cricitism, he elucidates, is based on the idea that “slow grass roots adoption with a foundation that’s broke and dev team that’s all but dead” will never build a massively popular blockchain.

The often-comedic commentator is likely correct in asserting that the Litecoin Foundation, like most crypto foundations (rather than companies such as Ripple Labs) including the Bitcoin Foundation, is a laughable waste of time.

However, the irony is thick with this one, in that grass roots adoption is exactly what propelled Bitcoin.

Yet, to XRP maximalists like Sam, Bitcoin is doomed to fail.

One of Sam’s followers and thus customers (buying his brand of maximalism) goes on to make the most cringeworthy criticism possible, coming from a Ripple supporter:

The irony here, with “XRP Researcher,” is amazing.

Let’s break it down for the uninitiatied.

In 2017, Charlie Lee very publicly sold a ton of Litecoin at a price the cryptocurrency may never see again (over $300.) “For the first time in 6+ years, I no longer own a single LTC,” Lee said at the time.

However, “dumping” all over the “community” is precisely what Ripple Labs does, on a monthly basis, when it liquidates some of its sizable XRP stash to fund operations and promote integrations.

After some introspection, Ripple Labs, to wide acclaim and intrigue, agreed to sell less XRP every month moving forward.

Litecoin’s Cringeworthy “Summit” Earns Twitter Jeers

Ripple Labs’ gigantic holdings are the source of often misinformed statements as regards the cryptocurrency’s “centralized” design.

Wherever you stand on Ripple and XRP, Sam wasn’t wrong about the laughable star power of the Litecoin conference, judging by the livestream. Lee gave an hour long talk yesterday:

But some guy who says he lives next door wasn’t interested in going. What would he do if Brad Garlinghouse attended?

Ah, another day in crypto Twitter wonderland.

This writer rarely agrees with the likes of Sam To The Life Boats.

Nevertheless, it would be dishonest his perspectives are respected within the Ripple community and he occasionally asks important questions about Ripple Labs that his followers might otherwise not ask themselves.

Disclaimer: any views deemed controversial presented within this article belong solely to the author and should not be attributed to BSN, its owners, nor affiliates.

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