Coinbase Casts Wider Net For Talent In Rumored Omni Acquisition

A Ripple-associated rental and storage firm may soon be acquired by Coinbase, according to insider sources familiar with the matter.

Omni is a company that offers storage and rentals. allows people in various metro regions to rent just about anything, from humidifiers to camping gear. The firm has undergone hard times lately.

Techcrunch reported late last week that Omni was both doing layoffs and discussing the sale of its engineering team.

Last year, Omni was funded, in part, by an “undisclosed” amount of XRP.

Both Coinbase and Thumbtack have expressed interest in the team.

Coinbase, like all blockchain-associated companies, is in constant need of good engineering talent.

The firm is reportedly flirting with acquiring the engineering team despite a recent downturn in the crypto markets. Such downturns often spell less demand for exchanges, which translates to less trading fees.

The Other Way To Get Developers

Acquisition is one way to get developers into blockchain programming. Simply find them where they are and change the mission around them. Then developers will have the choice to adapt to crypto tech or go somewhere that won’t require as much.

Blockchain development is a relatively small community, far smaller than disciplines like web development. While the category is quickly growing, the present situation makes it one of the most lucrative developer jobs one can get.

Blockchain Programming Is Just Programming

Blockchain programming isn’t necessarily a mystery, though, and developers from other walks of life can adapt to it.

The volatilitly of crypto markets makes it such that only a few companies readily offer jobs on a continual basis, and many of these are more traditional tech firms like Facebook or Microsoft.

JP Morgan and other banks, in fact, employ numerous blockchain developers as part of their minimal efforts.

The question of passion version profession arises in discussions like this one, however: who is more likely to yield great products for the world to consume?

To date, the answer has been a mix of both, but if the past is any lesson, then over time the curve will veer toward professional efforts doing better.

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