Bitcoin and Friends is Back with Episode 2!

Everyone’s favorite Bitcoin animation series is back with a bang, and what a bang it is. Bitcoin and Friends aired its first episode back in March and it quickly gained a cult following, with many calling for Netflix to pick it up and distribute it. Episode 2 takes us on the search for Bitcoin’s father – Satoshi Nakamoto.

Episode 1 left us with Bitcoin searching the world for his father, as he was taken in by a benevolent ice cream truck owner. Episode 2 gives us answers to many of the questions the first episode left us with, as well as setting up episode 3!


Searching for Satoshi

Episode 2 of Bitcoin and Friends takes us on a quest for Satoshi after he abandoned Bitcoin as a young child. A rather sad and weepy Bitcoin is struggling as more miners join the network, taking away all his precious little baby satoshis. Vitalik and Jones – the ice cream truck owner – search high and low to help Bitcoin find his father.

Touching Nerves Around the Globe

Bitcoin and Friends doesn’t hold back with the punches, and the gang take a trip to the Live Free or Die Freedom Fest to try and uncover the true whereabouts of Satoshi Nakamoto. Here, we see a range of scenes that will undoubtedly provoke a number of people into calling for the show to be banned – but that just makes it even better. An Irish farmer calls for the end of taxes and inflation – the perfect home for Bitcoin. Fun fact, Vitalik Buterin is known to attend PorcFest – the real name of Live Free or Die Freedom Fest!

Referencing the Crypto World

It wouldn’t be a show about Bitcoin if there weren’t a number of references to crypto villains and heroes. We see Ross Ulbricht called a “terminator of tyranny” as well as Silk Road being labelled “eBay for drugs” – a rather apt description.

Ending with an Epic Battle

In the final few scenes, we see Bitcoin go head to head with the Dollar Bot – controlled by none other than the US Government. It looks bleak for Bitcoin, as Dollar Bot uses moves like KYC/AML, Taxation, Global Currency. and Legal Tender, but Bitcoin gains 5 new nodes and uses its sword of Supply Scarcity to chop off the head of Dollar Bot and win the fight to be crowned ultimate currency of the world.

Sadly, we still don’t know the whereabouts of Satoshi, and Bitcoin is still on a quest to find him – perfectly setting the state for episode 3. Perhaps we will see an appearance from Craig Wright pretending to be Satoshi!

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