Binance Powered TravelbyBit App Goes Live

The travel industry is plagued by exorbitant forex fees, preventing many people from enjoying their travel plans to the maximum. In a bid to help cut out these steed fees charged by airport forex stations and bank rates, Caleb Yeoh – TravelbyBit CEO – created a platform that allows merchants at Brisbane airport to start accepting Bitcoin. The initiative was quickly picked up by Binance who is now powering the development of TravelbyBit’s latest web application – allowing travelers all over the world to pay for flights, hotels and trips in a range of cryptos.

Binance Powering Your Bitcoin Holiday

Binance has managed to implement the Binance chain into TravelbyBit’s new app, allowing the app to process Bitcoin, Litecoin and BNB tokens as a form of payment. Users can book over 1 million flights and hotel combinations using the app, meaning no travel destination is off the table. If you’re not feeling creative, TravelbyBit has a range of destination and excursion suggestions – some of which sound incredibly appealing.

Travel Websites Turning to Crypto

It’s not just TravelbyBit that’s turning to crypto as a payment method. In fact, a large number of sites are now starting to accept cryptocurrencies for holidays. Corporate Traveller integrated BitPay’s payment gateway, allowing businessmen to pay for their travel using Bitcoin. If you’re not into corporate travel, More Stamps Global and Destinia Travel are now both accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for flights and hotels. All of these sites are quick and easy to use, almost exactly the same as other travel booking sites. The only difference is the way you can pay!

Binance Chain Starting to Fill Up

While TravelbyBit is the first travel site to start using the Bianance chain, last week we saw two projects that are using blockchain to track supply chain in the manufacturing industry join the network. Smart MFG and SyncFab both signed up to the Binance Chain, but it very much looks as if the duo signed up to take advantage of getting listed in Binance DEX.

TravelbyBit is one of the most sleek and intuitive travel sites that lets users ay with cryptocurrencies. For now, there is no definitive plan to add more cryptocurrencies, but using swap exchanges like Changeangel to swap your altcoins into Bitcoin and Litecoin so that you can book your next travel adventure. If you’re a merchant looking to team up with TravelbyBit, you can reach out to them and get your hotel, airline, store or excursion company listed on their site!

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